Re: sever endo, three surgerys and finally complete

From: Mandy (
Mon Feb 18 18:32:39 2008

After having my gall bladder removed twenty yrs ago I have had four surgeries in which scar tissue had to be removed. It crushed my left ovary, almost crushed my appendix and almost blocked intestines. Each time the Dr said it would not come back but then it has three times. The last two times they looked at me like I was making it all up. Then were shocked when they opened me up. Dont let them bull doze you, if you think something is wrong write it down and make them address each point

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>At Wed, 27 Nov 2002, wrote:
>>Hi: I had a hysterectomy in 1994 and then years later I had the same
>>symptoms you are having (by my apendix scar also) it was very painful.
>>Finally, my GYN decided to go in and look (surgery) and he found a
>>couple of adhesions that had attached themselves to the old scar tissues
>>from my appendix surgery to my intestines. He removed these and I have
>>been pain free every since. Good luck..

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