Re: adhesion pain

From: Karen Mitchell (
Tue Jan 22 10:47:05 2008

Thank you so much everyone for such amazing support, and sound advise. I seriously feel blessed to have found this group of wonderful people!

I saw the neurologist/anesthesiologist today and they examined me and felt the nerve block on my abdominal nerves was the best path forward. They told me if I get ANY relief from the nerve block, that we know we are on the right path, diagnosis wise. The told me that it may take away some pain, and present a different type pain, and even that is good... as it's making a difference. They also told me that I may get results on one side, and not the other.

Pretty much everything they said is spot on. The stabbing pain on the left side has subsided, but has been replaced with a constant ache/burn. Not excruciating, but definitely strong enough to not allow you to forget it's there. The right side has had no change at all. So, I'd have to classify it as a difference, and I'm optimistic.

They said if any change is noted, it will be a firm confirmation that the nerve is effected. All signs tend to show that I'll need another scope surgery to either release the nerve from "entrapment" or look for another cause (if the nerve block yields no results, which I feel like it already has).

So, that is my update for now. I feel a million times better. I feel like I've found a subset of physicians that actually CARE and think outside the box. I loved what the doctors said today. They said "we are like the puzzle masters. We don't get patients that are textbook with textbook problems. We get the patients that nobody else can figure out, or don't want to figure out. We LIKE to complete the puzzles!" I feel blessed very much in this last week.

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