adhesion pain

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Karen, I do understand your situation but you must not give up and try to keep your faith in God, and be reminded that maybe those docs are not the ones that God sent to aide you in this situation. I recommend you try a Pain Management doc. Ask him about physical therapy via water exercise. This lessens the strain on your body the water does the work for you and they usually use a heated pool so the heated water will help you to relax. Also inquire about a TENS unit look it up on the internet. They now have the electroid units that you can use at home and it really helps with pain, does not last very long but when you are in pain continually you learn to appreciate any relief. Also inquire about trigger point injection which also help but don't always last very long. I have had a total of 32 abdominal surgeries and 7 years ago the docs gave up on me left me in ICU expected to die. But I did not as you can see. I had surgery for partial bowel obstruction and the doc cut intestine in 3 places and forgot to go back and seal them long story short I went home the following day only to return in cardiac arrest, heart rate over 200, both lungs collapsed and bp 40/30, tubes from head to toe, caused by peritonitis (feces went out into my body and poisoned everything) 3 1/2 months in hospital, on life support and multiple surgeries to correct this one. Sharing this with you to encourage you that you cannot give up. I also had endometriosis which led to all of my 32 surgeries (endometriomas removed, ovaries removed, hysterectomy, appendectomy, gall bladder removal, bowel obstructions, etc.) YOU MUST NOT GIVE UP ON YOU! I have had many docs to say adhesions don't cause pain or there's nothing we can do for you. But you must keep at it until you find the right doc with some compassion. Trust me you will find he/she. Seek a pain management doc try the above mention things and also ask doc for muscle relaxers (baclofen, zanaflex, flexeril) zanaflex works best to me. Also, I have heard that lyrica works for some people, I have not tried it myself. These tend to work better than pain meds, last longer. Please fell free to email me direct at

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