Re: have begun the runaround and I want to scream -karen

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Thu Jan 17 02:19:40 2008

Kelly, thank you so much for the kind words. It's nice to know that people have been in my shoes before!

I had an appointment with the GYN/Pelvic surgeon that my GI referred me to yesterday. He was an amazing man. If I HAD a uterus, I would want to birth a dozen of his babies LOL.

After a pretty in depth examination, he doesn't think my problem is adhesion's per se, he thinks I have entrapped Ilioinguinal Neuralgia (in layman's terms, large nerve endings that have been adhesed and are causing all the pain). He said my trigger points for pain are exactly where they should be to be suffering from entrapped nerves. He scheduled me with the neurologist/anesthesiologist on Thursday to get a nerve block done on those nerves. If the nerve block takes my pain away, we will know that his diagnosis is right and we can schedule a lap procedure to go release the nerves. The success rate for long term pain relief is 85%, so that's hopeful.

In the meantime, he gave me a small arsenal of Tramadol for pain medication. I've never taken it before, but liked that it wasn't a narcotic. I have to admit though, it makes me WAY loopier than any narcotic ever did. Which kind of defeats the purpose of switching to it (so I can be coherent).

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>Do you have a primary care physician or you could have one of the doctors
>that you have seen refer you to a pain management doctor?
>I was reading in the paper about Tucson, Az.  The drs there are very
>hesitant about giving meds for pain. No one wants to be liable.  I feel
that >if they are good drs. they can assess your pain and a good dr. knows if
>there is abuse of pain meds.  I bet if it were a family member of the
>physician that was going through the pain you are would have them on
>something for the pain.
>I get so upset when someone is not getting help for the pain because I have
>been there and it is devastating when you cannot get any relief.  Luckily,
I >have a good dr. now.
>I think a person that is in true pain does not get addicted but maybe
>tolerant to the pain meds and they have to up their dose.

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