have begun the runaround and I want to scream -karen

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Karen, Do you have a primary care physician or you could have one of the doctors that you have seen refer you to a pain management doctor? I was reading in the paper about Tucson, Az.  The drs there are very hesitant about giving meds for pain. No one wants to be liable.  I feel that if they are good drs. they can assess your pain and a good dr. knows if there is abuse of pain meds.  I bet if it were a family member of the physician that was going through the pain you are would have them on something for the pain.

I get so upset when someone is not getting help for the pain because I have been there and it is devastating when you cannot get any relief.  Luckily, I have a good dr. now.

I think a person that is in true pain does not get addicted but maybe tolerant to the pain meds and they have to up their dose. Kelly

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After yesterdays 14 hours in the emergency room, I am left bewildered, lost, and unsure of what to do now.

In November, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis.  After a week or so on antibiotics, the pain started to subside a bit.  4 days after my antibiotics were finished, the pain came back (lower left quadrant, lower right quadrant).  I then went to a GI specialist, who did another catscan.  This catscan showed the inflammation from the infection was gone and it was safe to go forward with a colonoscopy to see if there was IBS, or something causing the abdominal pain.  The colonoscopy showed that my intestines look great (aside from a few diverticula) and he felt that my pain was caused by adhesion's, from my MULTIPLE abdominal surgeries in the past (several laps for ovary cysts, an ovary removal, a c-section (through the same incision as the ovary removal) a hysterectomy through the c-section incision, gall bladder removal, etc.

He referred me to an OB/GYN, but my pain level was too intense to wait out the appointment (late January) so I went to the ER yesterday because I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore.

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