Re: WHY do so many surgeons not believe in adhesions causing

From: Katkat (
Mon Dec 31 15:47:47 2007

Thank you everyone for the help! And the recognition that adhesions do cause problems and pain... I still am not sure if that is my complete problem but I do have allot of pain on that side where they were removed during the gallbladder surgery. I was also told that my c section back in 2000 may have caused some of the adhesions also. And also with my gallbladder being so bad that forming adhesions was it's way of protecting itself so to speak?!?!

I am near San Bernardino area. I would say the closest place or best hospital that I am near would be Loma Linda University. There are many great dr's there. But my insurance plan will not let me see any dr's there anymore. I see a endocronologist at Loma Linda as I also have Grave's disease and was treated with RAI last Feb. I am only able to keep him because I was seeking treatment with him before my insurance plan cut all ties with loma linda.

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>Kat,  Where in CA do you live?  I have been told that by several surgeons
in >my area, Torrance Memorial Hospital, Torrance, CA.  I am going to another
>one in Jan.  Primary Doc feels that it is that time again and Gastro Dr
>thinks he is leaning towards that again also.  Last surgery was in Dec.  We
>shall see.
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