Re: Adhesions and small bowel obstructions

From: Ms Lee (
Mon Dec 31 15:45:55 2007

>would you mind giving us a sample menu of what you eat? thank you.

I was given a sheet of paper and it is simple.

I had to give up red meat, pork. I can eat seafood, chicken and turkey occasionally. I eat steamed vegetables, nothing out of a box or can. I eat Fiber One cereal with fat free whip cream. I get the Fiber One that looks like mini sticks.

No pasta, no junk food. All carbs have to be healthy carbs. I eat alot of apples, salads, nuts. I eat whole grains, brown rice on rare occasion. I eat high fiber bread on occasion...

Basically high fiber and low carbs.... I was having weekly partial bowel obstructions, and I have had none in 15 months.

I used to eat a lot of meat, pasta and junk food and this stuff was acting like binders and causing IBS as well as obstructions. So changing the diet has made all the difference in the world.

I also now take MiraLax daily and have been able to add more foods back with NO obstructions. I can eat anything I want but of course not every day...if I have eaten a bunch of "No-No" foods, I behave for the next couple of bowel movements.

I was such a mess before and never wanted to leave my house. I would not social if it involved food. I had panic attacks worrying about the urgency of having to go to the bathroom when around friends etc...

All that is a memory now, and I have so much more quality of life back :-) I am a firm believer what we eat does affect our intestional issues.

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