adhesions and fibromyalgia

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Mon Dec 31 15:52:55 2007

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Jeanne,   Boy,  you took the words right out of my mouth with your email.  Saturday my husband is getting ready to go over to a cousins where we all get together.  I don't like to go anymore cause I feel so crappy all of the time and they all drink and the life of the party can't anymore.  So, I choose to stay home cause I just had to take all the medication for a colonoscopy cleansing and I feel like shit, literally.    Which I have to take at least once a month cause I get so backed up.  He goes and I stay at home and cry.  But, of course he offers to stay home and I insist he goes, why should we both me miserably.  My husband does everything now and at times needs a way out for his own sanity.  My medications wont even fit in a gallon sized bag anymore.  Pill box for morning, pill box for afternoon, pill box for bedtime.  Wow isn't life grand.  But, a we have this site, thank goodness, we know we are not alone.  I thank god everyday for my family, they get me threw the bad, sad, and happy days.  I never thought my life at 38 years old would be this way,  but at least I have a life, what it may be.  God bless all of you and may 2008 bring us all some happiness and relief. 

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