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Hi, The more surgeries the worse the adhesions get.  I too am just having major problems since last surgery in June of 2006 they went in to remove the right ovary due to cysts and they found my bowels attached to the abdominal wall so they took two inches of the bowel and now I'm sicker than I was before the surgery.  Any way, as far as trying to get social security disability the best place to start is to find an Attorney that does disability only. I started a little over a year ago and so far I've been turned down twice and now I'm waiting to get an Appointment to go before a judge.

They tell me that could take another 20 to 30 months. I'm in Minnesota and I don't know if it matters what State you are in or not.  While I'm here is any one else having problems with fibermyalgia on top of the problems with the adhesions?  Maybe one day one of our son's or daughter's will find a cure for us. Thanks, Wendy  

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I too have been suffering for years and getting worse.  I was just released from U of M in Ann Arbor.  The CT scans do not come back normal but the barium study does show my bowels are functioning, even though I have to drink Miralax 3 times a day and still have to use a suppository to get anything moving and then it is pure liquid!!  I have been told that I may end up on disability.  I am now on Oxycodon to help ease some of the pain. (the doctors say Oxycodon is less constipating) I have lower abdominal pain and now am experiencing upper left quadrant pain, which the doctors think is the abdominal wall.  If I do need to try for disability how and where do I start?  I have LOTS of documentation due to being in the hospital so much.  I am very nervous about all of this.  It is really interfering with my daily life, and miss a lot of work.  My boss (which is an OB/GYN) said my job is not at risk, even though I am not working right now due to the pain and the narcotics I am on, but I never know from day to day what is going to happen.  I am presently on a full liquid diet and really afraid to eat anything! 

I had an ectopic pregnancy which ruptured-a total hysterctomy-several laparoscopies and the most recent was a laparotomy in 2003. Oh and also had endometriosis. My GI doctors don't want me to have anymore surgeries, saying more adhesions will occur.  WHAT CHOICES DO PEOPLE LIKE US HAVE??? HELP

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