Don't Lose Heart....Some Docs DO Believe!

From: Debbie (
Fri Dec 28 18:36:51 2007

I've been following the thread about docs not believing adhesions cause pain. Obviously they've never experienced them!!

It can be so devastating when the medical professionals we turn to for help dismiss our symptoms as if it were all in our heads.

While I know there are countless doctors that are clueless and don't believe adhesions cause pain I also know there are some that DO believe it. One of those doctors is Andrew Cook in Northern California.

Dr. Cook is a gyn surgeon who solely focuses his practice on women with pelvic pain. He sees countless women with endometriosis, adhesions etc. He has much success in treating adhesions. He has helped me when no one else has been able to.

Dr. Cook is willing to do complimentary records review and telephone consultations for women considering seeing him for surgery.

Don't give up! Keep looking! There ARE doctors out there that understand and want to help.

Happy Holidays, Debbie

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