Re: Adhesions and small bowel obstructions

From: Ms Lee (
Wed Dec 19 21:58:20 2007

>Hello, This is my first time to this website.
>I am a 28 year old female. I have been suffering with partial bowel
>obstructions every 6 months for the last 13 years.

Our stories are more similiar than you know! I sail in YOUR boat, I have partials obstructions all the time and surgery is NOT an option. I put up with it for years and it sunk me into major depression as I started making my world real small.

One day my internist said she wanted to try something with me. She wanted to go against ALL the advice I was given [no ruffage, no fiber etc]. Now, understand I lived on junk food because it was easy to digest [chips etc and pickie food snacks, pasta etc]. She took away all the bad carbs & pasta/rice, took away red meat and pork, she restricted me to a few things...all part of the test.

Do you know it has been 15 months and I have had NO partial obstructions!!!!

I just recently won Social Security Disability for this problem, and I have never been better as of late...I know it takes one day to go sour but let me say my quality of life shot up once these obstructions stopped.

As it turned out, with my severe ARD and fistula's in the bowel [complication of adhesion surgery], meat and starch were binders....and one of the triggers to the obstructions..

So they have diet controlled me and alleviated SO MANY problems that made me a basket case and forced to stop working and go on disability. Yes, I take narcotics for pain daily..but miralax has been a miracle for me to prevent constipation from the narcotics.

Maybe if you saw a dietician and she removed foods that bind [starches], you would do better...worth a try...I was at my ropes end when I tried it and it turned out to be a miracle...who knew I was making myself worse based on what I was eating.. /

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