WHY do so many surgeons not believe in adhesions causing PAIN???

From: Katkat (lkatn4@aol.com)
Wed Dec 19 21:59:14 2007

Hi all! I have been reading this site for awhile and have a question. I had my gallbladder removed last Dec and still have problems. When he removed it there were also extensive adhesions to my omentum and transverse colon areas. He removed them and the only way I found out about them was when I requested his report... Now a year later I still have many problems and pain on that side as well as a bad pain in upper right side right below rib area. My dr thought maybe I had hernia but I have had 2 surgeons examine me as well as CT scan and MRI and they both say no hernia... I am thinking it might be more adhesions?? WHY don't adhesions show up on anything? Or can they? I had multiple testings done before I had gallbladder out also and not ONCE did any dr say oh I see adhesions in there!!!

I am very discouraged because the surgeon I saw yesterday basically told me WE (he means the surgical community I guess) do NOT believe adhesions cause pain!!!!! And when I tried to further question him about it he basically blew me off. I asked him if by chance he knew of any dr's or surgeons that specifically dealt with adhesions and he said OH NO, there is NO SUCH THING!!! Gawdddd.... I was so frustrated when I left there. Now I am not 100% sure that is my problem but it is worth a shot since everything else has been ruled out. And I did have extensive adhesions in this same area where I still have pain.

So I guess my questions are, is there any dr's that specialize in this? And do adhesions actually cause pain? And why can't these adhesions be seen with these tests? And lastly WHY did this surgeon dismiss me so? I don't get it!

I live in the southern california area. So if anyone knows of any dr's out this way I would really appreciate it! /

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