Re: Adhesions and small bowel obstructions

Wed Dec 19 07:59:34 2007


I wish I could tell you it will all stop someday, but that's a cure and a hope we are all waiting for. I've been suffering with adhesions and obstructions partial and total since 1990. It's awful not knowing when it will happen again. It can be a couple months apart, or if you're lucky a couple years. IT is a horrible disease we all share. Hang in there. Someone will help us someday.


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> Subject: Adhesions and small bowel obstructions
> Hello, This is my first time to this website.
> I am a 28 year old female. I have been suffering with partial bowel
> obstructions every 6 months for the last 13 years. This last time in
> the hospital was only 2 months apart from the last obstruction.
> The Dr's said there is nothing that they can do for me. They said "when
> I get tired of having bowel obstructions, I can do surgery to take out
> the adhesions". I know that this will cause more adhesions. It is very
> frustrating.
> Three years ago, I had to have a bowel resection. The surgeon also took
> out some of the adhesions while he was in there. He nicked the bowel
> and I ended up with peritonitis. So three surgeries later to fix the
> problem and 2 months in the hospital, I am still having obstructions on
> a regular basis.
> When my life just starts to get normal, I end up back in the hospital
> and am taken back a few steps. I just want to be normal and keep moving
> forward. I am tired of being a regular at the hospital. It is bad when
> they know you by name, you get special treatment, they ask you "where
> you not just in here", or that I have driven myself to the hospital and
> checked myself into the ER because I was having an obstruction and no
> one was there to support me.
> I am too young for this, and have many more years to live. I can't do
> this for the next 40+ yrs.
> Help!

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