Re: uterus adhesions to abdominal wall

From: Cindy (
Tue Dec 18 18:24:22 2007

At Sun, 12 Dec 2004, wrote: >
>I too have my uterus adhesed to my abdominal wall.
>I had a C-section in 2001 and everything went ok-so
>I thought.In 2002 I had to have emergency surgery for
>an ovarian cyst that ruptured.When they performed this
>surgery they found that my bladder was adhesed to my
>uterus and my uterus was adhesed to my abdominal wall.
>They were able to unattach al of my organs at that time.
>Well this year(2004) I have been in a lot of pain. My lower
>back and my lower abdomine hurt so bad every day that my
>doctor decided for me to have a laparoscopy done.They found
>another ovarian cyst but they also found a lot of adhesions
>again.There was an adhesion covering the cyst and my ovary
>and my uterus was once again attached to my abdominal wall.
>They were able to take care of the adhesion on my ovary but
>was unable to remove my uterus from my abdominal wall because
>they said it was too much of a risk of severe bleedind and a
>hysterectomy might be needed.I want to become pregnant but
>I am very worried about the risks of my uterus still being
>attached.Does anyone know what the risks are or have any
>suggestions or information?I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

Sarah- I recently had a laparoscopy after having severe abdominal pain and was told that my uterus was attached to my abdominal wall as well. I too had a c-section in 2004 and thought that all went well. My surgeon believes that I am just one of the unlucky people who produce massive scar tissue. I am planning on having a open procedure in the May/June timeframe to correct it. The surgeon will just reopen my c-section incision. She as unable to take any of the scar tissue down during the laparoscopy. I asked her if it was ok for me to get pregnant and have a scheduled c-section to correct the problem at that time and she advised against it. I don't know if any of this well help, but it was interesting to see someone with a similar situation.

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