Symptoms after Surgery and more

From: Robin (
Tue Aug 21 17:31:14 2007

Hi there,

I just had my second surgery wihtin 7 months. The first I was in and out and recovery was typical to what I have read. This time they had to cut me open, remove my ovary and fallopian tube as well as dissect organs upon organs apart from one another.

My Dr. has me taking Miralax 2x day and said I may need to do this forever. (CAn't go wihtput it) Isn't that dangerous? Also my pinching and pulling symptoms near my navel are increasing with movement, coughing, sneezing etc. Is this probably new adhesions and continue to get worse? Or do I need to report this immediately to my Dr.?

As far as feeling obstructed, I still get occasional excrutiating pain that leaves me doubled over pressed against my sofa for some relief for hours while my stomach bloats out. What's this all about?

I am considering the Celebration clinic as I live in Florida.

I really cannot even think about anymore surgery.

Does anyone have hope or suggsetions?

Thanks! Robin

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