Re: Can Tummy tuck cause adhesions?

From: Sarah (
Thu Aug 23 18:02:22 2007

I had a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and abdominal wall resection to help me because of adhesions. My abdominal wall had so much damage from infections related to adhesions that the tissue needed to be removed and part of my abdominal wall resected to fix it. It worked...I'm doing infections, no pain (it's been about 7 months).

At Tue, 21 Aug 2007, Dee wrote: >
>I cant believe I found someone asking the same question CAN A TUMMY
>TUCK(tt) cause ADHESION? I've had 2 c-sections in 91 and 97, my appendix
>out in 76. I always healed keloid and always had a problem with
>constipation all my life, but things just made a turn for the worse
>after my first tt in 2000.
>2000-pd $8k for tt#1
>2001-after a whole year of complaining of pain, my Plastic
>Surgeion(ps)opened me up again. After opening me up, i was filled with
>granulomas and the whole procedure had to be done
>Then in 5/05 i noticed a bump over my bb, the PS said it was an
>umbilical hernia. He tried to pawn me off to a couple of General
>surgeons(GS)...all..referred me back to him...After begging him to
>repair the hernia for months ..FINALLY(very reluctantly) agreed to do
>the surgery, going thru the original tt scar(which any GS would of
>butchered me and left a huge scar across my abdomen, despite i had a tt,
>and pd $8k) and put it thru my ins..which was GOD sent for me.
>8/05-he repaired hernia he left a tube in my belly button(bb) because he
>seen over the years my bb hole closed up. TT#3...he left the tube in
>for like 2 weeks.
>11/06-I had a lump with pain, turns out my bb hole closed up again,
>forming a sinus tract, which was draining inside of me...Next thing i
>know stitches are popping out of my bb..have you ever? Apparently, once
>again my body was rejecting his stitches(whats up with that anyway) and
>i had to have another surgery.

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