23 abdominal surgeries in 2 years!

From: tammy (tammyspice@msn.com)
Tue Aug 14 19:47:28 2007

Hi...I have a crazy adhesion story for ya! 2 years ago, while undergoing what was supposed to be an outpatient removal of my ovaries, the doc punctured my bowel...through and through with the trocar (spear type hole maker)...according to his notes he "thought" it may have punctured the omentum (covering over abdominal organs), but didn't see any damage...determined he could not perform the op laproscopically and opened me up and removed the ovaries, noted lots of endo, closed me up and left for Disneyland...

Meanwhile, I became increasingly ill i ICU...the nurses kept telling the on call docs I was ill, but they were essentially ignored...I became Septic, had to be put on a vent and was in a coma...Over the next year I was in 3 different hospitals, had around 23 operations, had a temporary ileostomy, central line, developed blood clots several times...now on a blood thinner forever...I have no abdominal wall muscle left and have 3 hernias due to the surgeries...I have MAJOR adhesions/scar tissue and am in CONSTANT horrific pain...no meds even touch the pain...

My belly looks like I'm 6 months pregnant always...you can feel my intestines pulsating by laying your hand lightly on my abdomen...like they are right at the surface. Coughing, laughing and sneezing make me want to die...it feels like a ripping fire...if that makes any sense. I can't do any abdominal exercises, can't run, cann't lift over 10 lbs., getting up and down hurts like crazy, getting in and out of cars is awful.

My last surgery was this past November. I will NEVER have another surgery. The doc used some liquid barrier stuff and alloderm on the last surgery, but there isn't much else they can do now...no one wants to touch me with a 10 ft. pole....The pain is agonizing and relentless. My life is limited in so many ways I can't even verbalize it.

I've just recently began wondering if it would be safe or helpful to try some sort of message therapy to loosen scar tissue??? Is there such a thing? Of course in my situation I suspect it may not be safe to be mushing around on my belly...I dunno, but am at my wits end.

Anyone have any non surgical safe techniques?



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