My mother.

From: Sara (
Tue Aug 14 19:44:12 2007

Hi, My name is Sara.I am from Maryland and I am fifteen years old. My Mother has adhesians....also she has scoliosis. She's on so much pain medicine it's impossible for her to function. She lies in bed all day claiming to feel like knives have been stuck inside her. She is the most wonderfull,hardworking woman you will ever meet. However recently, she doesn't remember conversations we have had...she doesn't even know what's going on due to the constant pain medication. Im so desperate to look for a cure or something to stop her pain. A close friend of hers who had adhesians committed scuicide last April.Is there a surgury?Is there any thing?I've just started on my search.Please send me any links or advice as to what I should do.

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