Re: do adhesions continue to grow and for how long?

From: David (
Tue Aug 14 19:45:46 2007

At Fri, 10 Aug 2007, nm gross wrote: >
>I have had a strange pain in my body for about ten years now and also I
>have become somewhat constipated.
>I had a gall bladder removed about 35 yrs. ago and was wondering if
>what I am experiencing could be caused bu adhesions?
>I have a pain that is basically on my right side front and back at about
>waist high or maybe slightly higher.
>when I first became aware of the pain I was told by a doctor to get some
>physical therapy treatments, which I did-the pain was so bad during the
>phys. therapy that I almost passed out-even today I am careful not to
>move rapidly for fear of pain, and it is difficult for me to get out of
>I was always regular but recently I have become somewhat constipated.
>I have had every kind of scan (mri, cat, etc)and have been checked for
>all kinds of possibilities-no one seems to know what it is that I am
>suffering from- one doctor thought it might be herpetic neuralgia, one
>doctor thought I may have tore a muscle, I went to maybe 7 different
>doctors and it seems that no one knows what it can be!
>my wife told me, when I noticed a cramp in my abdomen, that I may have
>that was about 2 or 3 yrs after the surgery.
>could it all be due to adhesions? how long can they grow?

I have had my gallbladder around twelve years. Same deal. Same pain; front
and back. They come in waves. Sometimes I can go on for months pain free
then all of a sudden, without warning there they are. Same tests
taken years ago, all negative. My "attacks" seem to be brought or made worse
by my bowel movements. Sometimes the pain is pretty sever. Sometimes hardly
Sometimes these "attacks" last for a few hours or weeks but as the years go
on they seem to get worse.
I am 57 years old, run ultra marathons, box and belong to two karate studios
and I feel excellent except when I get these adhesion attacks. As you look
deeper into this excellent site you will be amazed at the number of people
who suffer from the same condition as us.

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