Adhesions, Swelling, Back/Stomach Pain and Now....

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Fri Aug 10 18:02:09 2007

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Boy, do I understand the friend thing.  I was the girl with all the personality!  The life of the party.  The one being silly making everyone laugh!  Some of my so called friends wouldn't even got to the parties unless I was gonna go, They said it wasn't fun without me.  Well, My phone doesn't ring anymore and when it does someone wanting to talk about the flu, they have or an ear infection, I would give anything for that to be my problem, sound selfish.   I am having to miss my sons first baseball game today since he started playing when he was 4 and he is now almost 16.  His team is in the regional championships.  But this Mom has to go to a drs appt to get social security paperwork filled out.  This Mom is now having to go on permanent disability.  What I lifestyle change in the past 2 years.  Highlight of the day no cramping in the abdomen and the pain pills have somewhat eased the pain in the last 2 hours.   I am so grateful for this website,  I really needed to vent this morning!  I have spent the 2 of the last 5 days depressed and crying.  I want my life back.  Thank god for my family.  God Bless all fo you who struggle with me.  May we all find happiness!!  Better days to come!!!

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