Re: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?

From: Shali (
Fri Aug 10 18:01:14 2007

I ordered the one in the USA - found out it wasnt pharmaceutical grade. So I reordered the one in Canada called Enerex. Shali

At Wed, 1 Aug 2007, tony&donna roberts wrote: >
>I just wanted to let you know that I have never heard of Serrapeptase,
>however when I read the email for Shali. I done some research and it say it
>will destroy dead tissue, scar tissue ect........ going to give it a
>try..........recieve it today in the mail....I will certainly let everyone
>know the results. I have suffered for 25 years + with admonial addhesion.
>bowel obstruction, bloating ETC... Hope this is the answer!!!
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>> Subject: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?
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>> Subject: Re: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?
>> Im sure the one I tried was no where near 90,000IU per capsule.
>> Evidently youre using Enerex? Looks like a Canadian product. If so, did
>> you know there is an 80,000IU product you can order in the states? At
>> least it would ship faster and your VISA wouldnt be a mess with their
>> conversions and credits.
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>> >Subject: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?
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>> >Hi,
>> >I have had nine abdominal surgeries, and horrible adhesions from having
>> >instrument accidently puncture several organs during a botched
c-section. >> >After being hospitalized two times last fall, back to back for bowel
>> >obstructions, I went from Minnesota to Florida to the Celebration

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