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From: Heidi (
Sun Jul 8 21:35:47 2007

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for responding!

I ask myself that same question at times...only to realize, surgeons are just people. I could tell you exactly what was being discussed at the time and how the other surgeon was telling the 'screwball' to 'pay attention!' I even remember the anesthesioligist rolling his eyes during his entire monologue...And he was forced into retirement and me into a life of pain!

However...I never give up! I'll check with my mom's oncologist and call my insurance company also. By the way, I'm in the Corvallis, Oregon area...Note: my 'Go Beavs' By line...we just won the College Baseball World Series...Never Give Up!

Happy 4th!


At Tue, 3 Jul 2007, Cindy wrote: >
>Hi Heidi:
>Your doctor didn't sew your uterus back up???! How in the world did that
>happen? Was it documented? With this information I am very surprised that
>you were denied. I'm very sorry!
>Pain management: I wonder if you post your City if someone on the board
>might know of a doctor? It would be worth a try. Also, my insurance
>company lists pain management as a specialty...have you checked with your
>carrier? Is there a hospital near you? You could call the main number and
>ask if there is a pain specialist they could recommend. Are you within
>driving distance to a major city? You could do the same thing and call the
>hospitals and ask if there is a pain management doctor available.
>Another thought, call oncology offices and inquire through them. I am
>positive you will find one through them.
>Good luck to you! Please keep us posted.

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>> Subject: Adhesions
>> Hello Everyone!
>> I'm new to this forum after reviewing it for awhile. I'm very impressed
>> with its content and am glad that there's something out there to help
>> all of us! I agree, we're not alone, which I have to keep reminding
>> myself from time to time.
>> In 1998, after delivering my second child by C-section, the surgeon
>> neglected to sew up my uterus before closing me up. As a result, my
>> internal bleeding (2 units)'primed' the way for massive abdominal
>> adhesions. It was 'corrected' the next day, yet was constantly scoffed
>> at by the doctors, when I complained of pain afterwards.
>> Four years later, I had a hysterectomy to try to 'ease' the pain, and
>> remove the ovarian cysts. However, the pain following surgery was much
>> worse. In addition to the burning sensation I constantly have along the
>> scar area, my adhesions pull across my diaphragm, giving me shoulder and
>> neck pain, which trigger my migraines.

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