second op

From: Rose (
Sun Jul 8 21:35:24 2007

I am having surgery to create an ileostomy and to take down one area where I have small bowel adhesions.

Reason I'm having this is I had disaster pelvic floor surgery a year ago. I severely scarred in and got rectosigmoid anastomosis stricture where sigmoid was removed, got scarred levator muscle, got contracted scarred puborectalis muscle that keeps rectum at 90 degrees. Also got a focal small bowel stricture.

Doc is going to do this open so he can put in seprafilm. Will this work?

Will more open surgery create more adhesions even with seprafilm?

WOuld lap surgery to create the ileostomy be better?

Not want any more trouble (have had 4 sbo's so far and cannot move bowel rectally without melting stool with COlyte so it can slide through all the low blockages)

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