Adhesions and Narcotic Bowel

From: Daniel J (
Tue Jul 3 19:11:42 2007

A recent appointment with a new GI specialist left me worried. For about four months I have been on various pain meds for my adhesion pain after a number of abdominal surgeries and an ileostomy. My pain management doctor finally put me on Methadone 20 mg/day in the liquid form because of my ileostomy and it has worked pretty well. But I can tell that without it, the pain seems to be getting worse. The new GI specialist told me that the Methadone was making my pain worse and that I should wean off the meds. He offered no alternative to the pain management, except to eliminate the Methadone and indicated that I was experiencing Narcotic Bowel Syndrome. I have never heard of this and wonder if this is legitimate. Even if it is legit, are there not ways to manage even this? Any advice would be very helpful!

Thanks to all who keep this forum going!

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