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Tue Jun 26 23:02:15 2007

Are you seeing a Pain Doctor? They can be very helpful as they deal with just the pain aspect, and are very up on what's out there. Make sure you get

someone who understands adhesions and how they work. I had to change docs at

one point, because the first Pain Doc I saw didn't believe adhesions caused pain. Good Luck

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>Subject: Medications to treat ...
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>Subject: Medications to treat ...
>I swear that I might have asked this here before & received a
>couple of responses even, please forgive my crappy memory?!
>I am sick of the neurontin side effects and asked my Doctor
>once again for an alternative. I think he thinks I am asking
>for stronger - when I am actually asking for something different.
>I am on Neurontin(300mg) and Vicodin(5/500) 3x's per day.
>He suggested that I try Lyrica, but the price!!
>Even with discount programs it is about 170. a month.
>I can not afford to start any alternatives.
>Holistic meds, laser therapy, accupuncture, accupressure, massage,
>sound like a wonderful option, once I have... an income.
>(I think I recall getting these sorts of suggestions last time)
>My Dr and I have this very frustrating conversation each visit.
>I say: "The meds are too strong and not addressing the pain right.
>Can we try something else."

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