Re: Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

From: Jenny (
Mon Jun 25 21:19:18 2007

Hi! I also had Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, following surgeries for Endo (stage 4) my right ovary was removed then I had a TAH with the left removed. 2 months later I developed ovarian remnant on the right again! Most recently I had surgery because of adhesions (all the other surgeries it was, I guess, a mix of adhesions and endo)... My most recent surgery was in January. I am already back in pain - nauseated and vomiting...It gets old really quick, but I am just trying to hold on.. I am not really taking anything for pain right now, but I am trying digestive enzymes and vitamins to try to help everything naturally - I don't think it is working all that well. But, I do have a good day now and then. Good Luck!! Jenny

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>The pain you are describing and masses being found is what I was going
>through before my adhesions were discovered.  I am still going through the
>pain after 3 surgies in a year.  The bloating, back, leg and feeling like I
>have a rock in my gut are all back.  There doesnt seem to be an answer but
>we all have to keep pushing ourselves and keep fighting for ourselves. 
Most >of all we have to hang TOUGH!!!  Even when we feel there is no hope.

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