Help For Constipation

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Hello All,   I wanted to pass along a new product on the market that has helped me with my "drug-induced" constipation.   I'm scheduled for my 8th surgery in the past two years on June 27th, and I'm currently taking 210 mg. of Morphine daily, which really wreaks havoc with my bowels.  I've had adhesions since I was 19, but they have really gotten bad over the past two years, and as a result, I've been on very strong narcotics, which as you can see, I'm at the top of the scale as far as narcotics go.  The constipation, and the pain that comes with it is debilitating.   My doctor told me that for my pre-op I won't be taking the Fleet Phospho-Soda (YUUUCK!)...I can't even think about trying to take that stuff again, the last time, I threw it up and couldn't keep it down prior to surgery.   Anyway, they told me to take Mira-Lax.  I got mine at a CVS, and it's so simple.  You just mix it with Gatorade and drink it.  It doesn't even have a taste.  I've found that if I take a double dose every other day, it works great for me.   Hopefully, this will help everyone and give you a little comfort.   Take care, stay strong and don't give are not alone!   Sincerely,   Shelva

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