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From: Jan (
Mon Jun 25 21:18:27 2007

I swear that I might have asked this here before & received a couple of responses even, please forgive my crappy memory?! I am sick of the neurontin side effects and asked my Doctor once again for an alternative. I think he thinks I am asking for stronger - when I am actually asking for something different. I am on Neurontin(300mg) and Vicodin(5/500) 3x's per day.

He suggested that I try Lyrica, but the price!! Even with discount programs it is about 170. a month.

I can not afford to start any alternatives. Holistic meds, laser therapy, accupuncture, accupressure, massage, sound like a wonderful option, once I have... an income. (I think I recall getting these sorts of suggestions last time)

My Dr and I have this very frustrating conversation each visit. I say: "The meds are too strong and not addressing the pain right. Can we try something else." He says: "You're already on some pretty strong meds, I don't want to give you anything stronger yet." So before initiating this back and forth with my Dr. I want to bring examples to him of what other peoples Doctors are doing, medicinally.

Thanks in advance, whoever might respond. I'll try to remember what responses I get this time ;)

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