Re: Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

From: Deb (
Sun Jun 17 20:10:15 2007

Hi I also underwent a hysterecotmy when i was 27 in 1992 due to having fibroids. I have since had the right ovary removed in 2001, a remnant removed in 2002, again in 2003. After having very bad pelvic pain (not cyclical)that was cyclical i had a CT scan due to doctors not beleiving that i could have another remnant. Not only did i have a remnant but i also had a mass on the left side so back to hospital again to have the left ovary and mass removed. Yeah, you guessed it i have another mass this time on the right side that is attached to the pelvic wall, i had been trying to convince the gyn that i am having extreme sharp constant pain, sickness,backache, bloated stomach and also tired all the time, also when i lay on my front the pain is so bad it wakes me up and makes me sick. After refusing to leave until something was agreed, i was given a date for a MR scan which revealed the complex mass on the right side that is attached to the pelvic wall approx 4cm X 4cm X 5cm. I am concerned that although i have had a CA125 test which has come back at 5 i have early signs of Peritoneal cancer.

Does you or anyone else have these symtoms and have ORS, i feel as though i am going crazy or getting soft because i cannot manage the pain.

Also does anyone know of a pain killer that would help that is not an opiate as i am badly allergic

>ovaries for endometriosis in 1993, when I was 27. Since then I have had
>2 bowel obstructions due to adhesions, dealth with by laparotomy and
>insertion of Seprafil membrane. I developed pelvic pain 4 years ago,
>which was initi ally thought to be due to a recurrence of endometriosis
>while taking HRT.
>However, I have now been diagnosed with Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, and am
>awaiting MRI and surgery. I have cyclical ureteric pain, chronic pelvic
>pain with exacerbations, dyspareunia, and pain with bladder and bowels.
>Although I am a nurse I am not able to work at present.
>I would love to hear from anyone else with ORS.
>Thank you,

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