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From: Bonnie (
Sun Jun 17 20:09:53 2007

At Mon, 11 Jun 2007, pauline wrote: >
>i am going to see a surgeon on tuesday, june 12 i have such pain in my
>stomach and ribs its hard to do any thing i have been to doctors
>cardiolists gastrionalst many drs and surgeons pain clinic now they
>think it is adhesions this pain has been going on for years i just want
>some relief pain pills only last a little bit i refuse to take any more
>narcotics such as oxycoti morphine it doesnthelp any was have problems
>with bowels and urinating had any kind of test that they can think of i
>am a 75 year old widow every one will not believe i'm that old they say
>i look a lot younger if they only knew the pain i am in do you think
>taking the adhesions off will help me i have been diagnosed with ibm gas
>any thing they could say now they say i dont have any of that i'm so
>tired of doctors giving me the run around please if any one has this
>problem let me know it gets worse after i eat or drink they say it is
>pressure againgst the adhesions thank you for any info

Hi Pauline: Want to say your story sounds exactly like mine, and probably many others....So hard to understand, why doctors and surgeons cannot figure out what is wrong....My experience for the past 5 years has been unreal!!!! Why do we have to suffer like this??? This seems to be so common, this adhesion problem, but seems no doctor's want to diagnose, or offer any help what so ever.I have been thru the ringer the past 5 years, and narcotics this long also. I inagine once my adhesion problem is ever cleared up, rehab will be next!!! Currently I am taking 5 Oxycontin 80 mg perday, just to be able to keep up with kids, house, and husband. We have been to almost every doctor and surgeon in Calgary, Alberta, and they just cannot offer anything as to what to do, what is wrong nothing !!!I guess us women out there with our stomachs looking 9 months pregnant, this must be normal , as anyone I have seen do not seem concerned in the least to help!!! I myself are having a consult in Oct /07 to find out if the surgeon I tracked down is going to be willing to help me or not. In the meantime I am so sick of the pain and painkillers, the swelling, being exhausted all the time, and major DEPRESSION , major !!! I have decided to try a product called Abdotab, while I wait till Oct. I found this product on the internet of course, sounds promising??? I believe you take 2 pills a day for 30 days, after 21 days they state you will notice a huge difference in the pain is shipped out of Scotland, free shipping mind you, and it this point I am willing to try anything, so going to give it a shot, Have nothing to lose while waiting. Wanting to know if anyone out there has purchased this product and what were the results??? Pauline, if you are interested just type in ABDOTAB , search engine, read about it, discusses everything, but I feel for you Pauline, I cannot imagine how you are coping at your age?? I am 45, and barely hanging on.....All my best to you, and let me know how everything goes, and also any results from ABDOTAB, please let me know . Thank you Bonnie Stein

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