surgery scheduled w/Dr. Redan in August

From: Sherry (
Mon Jun 4 22:36:55 2007

Hello everyone, I posted last month but it has not shown on the board yet. I posted many times in past years and found this site to make me feel like I wasn't going crazy with these adhesions and their related problems. I've had a long history of adhesion surgeries and complications. Past surgeries include ectopic pregnancy, many lysis of adhesion procedures, TAH, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, bowel perforation, appendectomy & cholecystectomy. My last surgery was 7 years ago with Drs. Redan & Dr. Reich who I feel saved my life. Before my husband found these wonderful surgeons I was having surgery every 6 months to a year or two apart. I also have experienced acute bowel obstructions and have to be extremely careful regarding my diet. My husband and I are flying from West Virginia down to Fl to meet w/Dr. Redan Aug. 28 and surgery is scheduled for the 30th. I would like to go sooner but we have had a family vacation planned for almost a year and I don't want to ruin our plans. I pray I can make it that long but if I have to go sooner I can. I have never met such compassionate, intelligent doctors and I trust him completely. I will check in later, getting tired & uncomfortable as I'm sure you can relate to. I hope & pray for all who suffer, there are a lot of obstacles we have to overcome, remember we have each other for support & to vent. Friends who stick together !!! Sherry marie

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