IAS announces world's first comprehensive 'Adhesions-CAPPS Clinic'

From: Dr. David Wiseman (david.wiseman@adhesions.org)
Mon Jun 4 22:38:23 2007

The IAS is proud to announce its role in the opening of the world's first center for the integrated diagnosis and treatment of Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD) at Florida Hospital, Celebration Health, Celebration, FL. The founders of this clinic include our long time friend, Dr. Jay Redan, and the IAS’ very own, Dr. David Wiseman.

Although we have dreamed about this clinic since the beginning of the IAS in 1996, the idea began to take root about four years ago when Dr. Redan invited Dr. Wiseman to make a presentation to Celebration Hospital’s management about establishing a center for Adhesion Related Disorder.

Dr. Wiseman recounts:

“As a result of the research done through the IAS web site we realized that the problems of the ARD patient extend well beyond those of adhesions. An ARD patient will have some or all of a number of issues including chronic pelvic and abdominal pain, bowel and bladder disturbances as well as spiritual and psychological imbalances.

There was no one place for long-suffering ARD patients to turn that could tackle these issues in a coordinated manner. Dr. Redan arranged for me to present a proposal to Celebration’s management that would change all of that. What impressed me was the forward-thinking way that Celebration Health conducted every aspect of the patient experience, from the location to the décor of the radiology department to the scent wafting through the air conditioning system. This hospital’s approach may be close to Walt Disney World, but it was no ‘Mickey Mouse’ Since that initial presentation, I have been working closely with Drs. Redan, McCarus and a whole project team that has brought us to this launch.”

But there was a problem in the way the world thinks about this condition. As a result of Dr. Wiseman’s work it became apparent that adhesions and ARD are part of a wider set of overlapping and coalescing conditions including endometriosis, pelvic pain, Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and even fibromyalgia.

It was just not good enough to think just about adhesions, or just about chronic abdominal pain, or even bowel or bladder problems. We needed to think about it all. Together. And so was born the term "COMPLEX ABDOMINAL AND PELVIC PAIN SYNDROME (CAPPS)" defined as:

"a syndrome, of non-malignant origin consisting of a complex of symptoms of the abdomen or pelvis that includes pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, of at least 6 months duration.”

Attempting to treat these individual symptoms or conditions as separate entities for the most part is an exercise in frustration. Although they may start out as separate conditions, they end up as essentially one condition - CAPPS.

Now we understand the disease we can get to work to prevent it and to treat it using the multi-disciplinary, integrated and holistic approach that the CAPPS Center is all about.

The Florida Hospital Center for CAPPS (http://www.adhesionscenter.com/) consists of: Dr. Jay Redan (General, laparoscopic surgeon), Dr. Steve McCarus (Gynecologic Surgeon), Dr. Kathy Jones (Urogynecologist), Dr. David Wiseman (Consultant, Scientific Advisor) backed by a team that will ultimately include care coordinators, specialist nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, social workers, exercise physiologists, psycho-spiritual counselors, pain management specialists and neurologists.

As a separate endeavor, the IAS will establish a sister organization, the

International Society for Complex Abdomino-Pelvic & Pain Syndrome (ISCAPPS, http://www.iscapps.org)

Please visit the new CAPPS center at: http://www.adhesionscenter.com

David Wiseman
Founder, IAS

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