How did you get SSD?

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We live in Texas....My husband was in the Army and for years my records were kept in order.  I like you have had many surgeries, work-ups yada yada yada.  When I went to my hearing I had a female Judge and some employment specialist(or what ever they are called).  Oh, and of course my attourney and myself.  It was pretty short about 15 minutes.  About 2 months later(2 days before Christmas I found out I was approved)  But, along with my adhesions I had other things as well that were well documented (depression, ovarian remnance disorder etc. etc.)  I am not sure as to why some get it and some do not.  I supose we need to get it out on the table and known that people do suffer from this and it's REAL.


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> Subject: How did you get SSD?
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> Subject: How did you get SSD?
> I have had 23 surgeries on my adhesions, I haven't been able to work
> lost my JOb at Honda because of this, and SSD KEEPS turning me down
> because they said this isn't a disese and it doesn't cause pain, the
> docs that they have in the room with you durning your hearing they are
> the docs that tell the judge that adheisons don't cause pain, I really
> believe all of us with this disease needs to stand up and make people
> see that it is and that theres thousands of us with this disease. I am
> in need of surgery again, my bowels will not move, I have tried to take
> all kinds of things for them, even the stuff in a green bottle( GROOS )
> my bladder is being closed also I don't use the bathroom very much, Dr.
> Redans office said they want 1600$ upfront because the insurance didn't
> pay all of it last time but they didn't fill out form that the insurance
> sent them about bein pre-existing, because it was a new insurance, the
> insurance has already said they would pay because of the test with my
> bowels and bladder, I just am at the end of my road. Don't know what to
> do anymore. Any ideas out there?

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