Re: New to the site, numerous obstructions

From: Janet (
Thu May 17 17:42:02 2007

Hi, Jeremy, I just came onto this site to find some adhesion removal info for a friend and read that you want to contact the Mayo for help. Based on my experience--


I had a terrible experience with them. They put me through a myriad of tests and the colonoscopy from hell (which showed nothing, as you could probably guess, and they weren't at all interested in why the tube kept getting stuck in one place....) They were beyond useless.

I can highly recommend Dr. Jim Daniel in Nashville. He was the one who finally resolved the biggest surgical adhesion. I will note that it was a process, involving kinesiology, diet, yoga and acupuncture. Ultimately, I give a lot of credit to Tong Ren, an energy healing system I discovered in Boston. If you're interested, you can go to for more information. Best of luck!


At Wed, 16 May 2007, Jeremy wrote: > >My story: 2 perferations and bowel resections due to Chron's 10 years >ago, followed by 17 visits to the hospital for partial/complete >obstructions within the past 7 years from adhesions. I have recently >contacted the Mayo clinic to get an appointment and want to here any >advise anyone has on a possible solution. > >-- >Jeremy >

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