How did you get SSD?

From: Deborah Smith (
Thu May 17 17:41:29 2007

I have had 23 surgeries on my adhesions, I haven't been able to work lost my JOb at Honda because of this, and SSD KEEPS turning me down because they said this isn't a disese and it doesn't cause pain, the docs that they have in the room with you durning your hearing they are the docs that tell the judge that adheisons don't cause pain, I really believe all of us with this disease needs to stand up and make people see that it is and that theres thousands of us with this disease. I am in need of surgery again, my bowels will not move, I have tried to take all kinds of things for them, even the stuff in a green bottle( GROOS ) my bladder is being closed also I don't use the bathroom very much, Dr. Redans office said they want 1600$ upfront because the insurance didn't pay all of it last time but they didn't fill out form that the insurance sent them about bein pre-existing, because it was a new insurance, the insurance has already said they would pay because of the test with my bowels and bladder, I just am at the end of my road. Don't know what to do anymore. Any ideas out there?

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