Re: New to the site, numerous obstructions

From: Melissa (
Mon May 21 19:13:21 2007

Call Dr Redan!!! NO MAYO!!!! Heres the website... He's fixed thousands of people!!Best of luck!!

At Thu, 17 May 2007, Janet wrote: >
>Hi, Jeremy, I just came onto this site to find some adhesion removal
>info for a friend and read that you want to contact the Mayo for help.
>Based on my experience--
>I had a terrible experience with them. They put me through a myriad of
>tests and the colonoscopy from hell (which showed nothing, as you could
>probably guess, and they weren't at all interested in why the tube kept
>getting stuck in one place....) They were beyond useless.
>I can highly recommend Dr. Jim Daniel in Nashville. He was the one who
>finally resolved the biggest surgical adhesion. I will note that it was
>a process, involving kinesiology, diet, yoga and acupuncture.
>Ultimately, I give a lot of credit to Tong Ren, an energy healing system
>I discovered in Boston.

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