Re: Surgery scheduled with Dr. Redan on May 24th

From: Melissa (
Tue May 15 17:05:52 2007

At Wed, 25 Apr 2007, Deb wrote: >
>Haven't been on the board in a long time. Been dealing with a lot of
>stress and depression due to the pain and stressful work issues. It sux
>to finally have a chance to shine at work with increasing
>responsibilities but this "issue" holds me back so much. I am in such a
>horrible mood all the time now and sometime I try to hard to hide the
>pain at work I exhaust myself. Many times I sneak away somewhere to cry
>or out to my car for a good scream.
>I finally threw up the white flag after seeing a bunch of bozos
>(sorry...but they truly WERE bozos) and set aside some money to see Dr.
>Redan. I will fly down on 5/21 and have surgery on 5/24.
>PLEASE everyone pray for me on this day. I almost feel like this may be
>the last chance I have at relief. Maybe it was truly a case of saving
>the best for last. The way I have been acting lately, I'm sure God
>"aint" real happy with me, but please pray that he will allow Dr. Redan
>to help me try to get my life back together. I was determined not to
>have any more surgery, take pain pills or see any more doctors about
>this, but I want to try and I can't give up yet. Right now all I take
>are an occasional low dose Xanax when I think I am about to lose it from
>the pain and stress. It is actually one of the few things I can
>tolerate and it does help some.
>Amazing how much we take for granted until we can't enjoy ANYTHING. My
>mom has suffered for years with back pain/arachnoiditis and I never
>really truly understood what it was like to suffer until now.
>Anyway.....I need all the prayers and thoughts I can get on 5/24!
>P.S. One weird new thing is happening and I was curious if anyone else
>had expeienced this. When the lower left pain gets BAD..I mean really
>BAD I get severe dry mouth and throat. It is like I can't get enough
>liquid in me. I also get a lot of mucous in my throat when it gets
>really bad like that. then a few days will pass as it eases some and
>then "bam" back again. It's not my blood sugar (had that checked). I
>was wondering if maybe my body was just shotting every ounce of liquid
>into my bowels. Does anyone else have this? I was worried I was getting
>obstructed and my body was trying to release something, but the doctors
>around here just ignore me and I don't think they are even listening
>Thanks and God Bless to Everyone!
>Deb in Alabama

Hi Deb! You will get better! I have also suffered with horrible pain and "bozo" doctors! Dr Redan is the BEST surgeon you could get! He has made my life so much better. I have required a few surgeries (by Dr Redan)to get where I am today but it is so worth it! Just keep thinking positive (your brain is your own worst enemy) and you will be fine.You can e-mail me if you need some support! I will be praying for you on 5/24!!!!!!

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