adhesions and managing your own pain

From: Charlene (
Mon May 14 18:31:10 2007

I have had 4 surgeries (in the last 2 yrs.) to get rid of adhesions and growths within them, and all the damage they do. Doctors have tried & tried to no avail to rid my body of them. In the last 6 months I have started seeing an acupuncturist (he calls it the sticky disease), taking digestive enzymes, gas pills, and sometimes imodium. I have changed my diet completely. I have decided to fight back. These things in combination together have been helping alot to fight the pain. I still have pain (bad at times). Sometimes I think it's winning. At times I think I'll never go the the bathroom normally again. And then it happens, I go normal for a day or two. What a great releif to know that it can still happen. Even if it's only occasionally. If anyone out there is trying to hold of like I am (to see if someone can really help). Let me know how your doing it. I'm trying to stay off the prescriptions. Sometimes I think it's impossible and then I get through another day.

New symptoms are - Low red blood count, high lymphocyte count, elevated LDL count, swollen lymph nodes in neck, and night sweats. Now there are sending me to an oncologist. Anybody know about these symptons. /

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