Re: Pain Management and Possible Opioid Alternatives

Mon May 14 18:31:32 2007


It sounds like your pain is the result of some dysfunction in your small intestine. Perhaps you had or still have adhesions attached to it, or maybe something else has caused some spasticity. Either way, you might benefit from an antispasmodic such as hyoscyamine to slow motility. If that doesn't work, adding extended-release nitroglycerin (Nitrobid) can help relax GI tract smooth muscle.

For anyone looking for an alternative to opioids, I've found that a combination of methocarbamol and baclofen brings the pain down to a level that is tolerable (although never completely gone), while still allowing me to function better than on opioids. It still causes some dizziness and lightheadedness but, at least for me, it wasn't nearly as debilitating as hydrocodone.

I wish you all the best.


At Wed, 25 Apr 2007, Jim G wrote: >
>Newbie here with a question. I am a 32 year old male with a long
>history of abdominal surgieries starting when I was two. I have had
>lysis of adhesions 4 times with the last one in Jan 07 which was
>unsuccessful. My surgeon located in New York City is supposed to be an
>expert on adhesions but is totally puzzled as to why I am still
>experiencing pain. My pain is acute, in one location,usually come about
>2-3 hours after eating a meal and last for about 4 hours. For whatever
>reason the pain meds that the doctors have perscribed (oxycotin,
>perocet, etc.) never reduce the pain but just make me loopy.
>Is there a recommnedation of pain meds that work more effectively
>without impacting normal functions?
>Jim Gallic

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