What kind of Doctor

From: Linda (LSego25@sbcglobal.net)
Mon May 14 18:26:11 2007

Hi Everyone! I'm new and I just found this site and I was reading so fast because I can't beleive I'm not alone. I've had 3 surgeries the last in August 06 and I'm in Chronic pain my Gyno is doing another ultra sound to show me what is left of the ovary does not have a cyst. He was supposed to remove it the last lap. I had but it was attached to my wall and I was loaded with adesions so he burned it. Adhesions are so bad I feel like I never had a hysterectomy and both ovaries are still there with cyst.

He wants to send me to pain management,I want my life back! What other kind of doctor besides a Gyno do you see. I'm sick of test and non-beleivers. I'm so releived I found this site I can't stop crying. I need a new gyno. in connecticut if anyone can help! Linda

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