Re: quest for doctor in Oklahoma

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Wed Apr 25 19:39:18 2007

I don't know of a doctor in Oklahoma but if you are interested in coming to the Dallas Texas area I can recommend a great doctor.

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>Great I will keep you in my prayers

>Rebecca Mitchell,


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>i kinda of had to giggle when i read adheres to
>anything it pleases.  I have that same problem now but
>im hoping that #7 is the last one for a while. Yea
>mine are up around the bowel and abdominal wall and
>two surgerons have failed to get the uterus out one
>spent 3.5 hours before he decided he couldn't do it
>*ShrugS* we'll see what happens in the future lol but
>the surgerons ive had so far have blacklisted me they
>won't do it again unless they really totally have too
>lol. Id rather them not personal if it makes them that
>nervous. I'll defintly look into the pt programs here
>and see if theres one that does that type it sounds
>pretty cool and who wouldn't like to spend time in a
>pool. so far im able to work still and i go to the gym
>when i can it helps to keep the muscles stretched out
>and flexed it hurtsthe first couple tiems after
>surgery but in the long run it pays off 10fold.

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