reoccuring adhesions

From: lisa (
Wed Apr 25 19:33:19 2007

I had a failed sterilzation march 2006 ddue to massive adhesions wrapped round my tubes and ovary so the surgeon could not see the tube on my left so i was only done one side. I then had a laparotomy in june 2006 to steralize and removed the adhesions. I went back into theatre in january 2007 for more adhesions removal where they were removed from front and back of abdominal wall, pelvis and uterus but i think they are back. I have been suffering really bad pain which is worse than before and i am too scared to go back to the doctors in case there is nothing else they can do. Could anyone please advise me as i dpnt know what to do and it is really starting to affect my relationship and my children cos its so hard to get them all to onderstand the pain that i am in.Thank You.

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