Possible adhesion pain

From: Samm (signor4@comcast.net)
Fri Apr 13 21:16:27 2007

I am 38 and had a total abdominal hysterectomy w/ BSO approx. 3 years ago. 3 laparoscopies prior to that. Because of endo and cysts on ovaries. I have been pretty much pain free (aside from IC of the bladder) up until this past December. I started having pain in my lowever left side. The pain actually reminded me of how my ovaries would feel during ovulation or when there was a cyst on them but that would be ridiculous since I no longer have those organs... My other symptoms included spastic diarreah & weight loss. I went to the colon/rectal Dr. who ordered a CAT scan, which came out normal. He then put me in the hospital for 3 days for what they thought was C. Dif colitis, which it wasn't. They have also ruled out diverticulitis and my colonoscopy shows no polyps. He put me on an IBS medication and I go back to see him in 2 weeks. I am taking percoset for pain as well. The colon Dr. is now leaning toward adhesions or perhaps remnant ovarian syndrome. He said he wants to consult with my GYN as well. But mentioned that he may have to do a laparoscopy.

I would appreciate feedback, advice etc.. on this possible diagnosis and/or pain management. I started a symptom journal this morning. I have lived with some sort of pelvic pain for the last seven years of my life, either with the endo/cysts, the IC and now this (whatever it is). The frustration level is very high and am disgusted with being back in the vicious cycle of pain and pain management.



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