Re: New here...just need someone to talk to

From: Anon (
Fri Apr 13 21:16:09 2007

Just wanted to send some support,

i am a 28 year old female that went through a very similar situation with adhesions i had a c-section having my first born in 2004 after the surgery i started having severe pelvic pain and bowel symptoms i went through 2 and a half years of suffering to even get a confirmed diagnosis i dealt with HMO's and lack of diagnosis and had to seek out a specialist in another state i had a adhesion wrapped around my uterus causing me to suffer internal trauma along with adnomiosis, endometriosis, appendicitus and my uterus attached to my bladder i had a major hysterectomy in 2006 and the doctor removed my uterus, appendix, and my uterus off of my bladder since then from my experience an adhesion can only be removed if the place that it is sitting on is removed which meant that it can go away i am living proof but it is a long drawn out fight and the hardship that is endured from the trauma is unbearable the lesson is to get that diagnosis from the doctor that tells you what initially causing the problem and to know the long term problem with that you have to learn to fight physical pain to go on with your life it can be done but you have to make the choice within yourself to accept or to fight and survive.

if the adhesion is on your uterus then it can be removed by taking your uterus out, my heart goes out to anyone that is or has ever lived or is still living through this if i can offer any support please email me at

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