Pain meds for adhesions?

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Tracy,   Ive been on pain management for the past 2 years now and I am on my 4th doctor the first doctor was a pain management, DO he gave the cortisone shots in the back (not to me). I laid in bed for 6 months while seeing him I was on 75mcg of the Duregesic and Vicodin I was in so much pain with this doctor I ended up calling another doctor in tears. This doctor was just a pain management doctor not on my insurance and cost me $150 a visit vs a $30 co-pay like the first doctor anyway he put me on 15mg of Roxicodone and the patch varying from 25mcgs to 100mcgs he also had me try Methadone which did not really take the pain away it just made me feel out of it. It has gotten to the point where the 15 mg of the roxicodone and he puts me on subutex to clean out my system so that I could start out fresh rather than increasing or changing my meds. I went through the medication series for 2 weeks. It was great if your addicted to something and you need to come off of it but its not so great if you live in chronic pain and you've become tolerant to a certain medication. I was referred to another pain doctor which ended up being a clinic I went three times and could not take it. Here again they did not take my insurance I had to pay $150 per visit and I saw the doctor long enough to write a prescription and I was out the door, did I mention I had to wait 4 hours one of those 3 times. I was talking to a friend of mine who sees a pain doctor for a bad knee and she advised me to go to him, I went... another $150! He has just opened his practice he listened and sat with me for 45 minutes at first he did say that adhesion's don't hurt but after hearing my story he did acknowledge that in certain cases. Here is the catch with this Dr: He was scared to write my standard prescription for 180 30mgs of Oxycodone's I take 2-3 times a day and switched my from Oxydose 20ml (liquid oxycodone) 1 bottle a week to Oxy IR 5mgs when needed for breakthrough. I had to get 120 of the Oxycodones filled in his office along with the OxyIRs and the 1 bottle he did give me of the Oxydose. I ended up having to pay $302.00 of my mortgage money. I just had to file for food stamps yesterday. I am at my wit's end here I did try another Pain Doctor who had the DO next to her name on my insurance plan guess what she wanted to do she wanted to give me a shot into my S1 joint because the nerves wrap around into the front part of the body while I waited for her to come into the room I did look over the poster that showed exactly what she was talking about and I saw for myself in dark navy blue the exact place that the S1 covered and it was below the pubic line. She wrote me a prescription for something called Kaliun or something. I did not fill it, I know what work for me now after being a Guinea pig for 2 years, How do I get a doctor to follow my pain the way it should be??? Please email me back. I am almost out of meds because of the last doctors change in meds. Ive spoken with the nurse and told her but I haven't heard back from the. I need some advise.   Tammie

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>Hi Rachel,
>I had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis and adhesions. This was after 6
>I take 145mg of MS Contin (Time released Morphine) 3x a day, and Loritab
>(like Vicodin) 10 mg as needed for breakthrough pain.
>My tolerance for narcotics is high, as you can see. The Meds I took before
>this were: Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Duragesic (Fentanyl) patch.
>These were prescribed in various dosages and strengths until I got to the
>I had problems adjusting to the other meds, nausea, side effects etc.
>Good Luck,

I also had hyst and many laps, can we chat sometime. I need advice

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