7 Surgeries and no relief

From: Jenny (kummer_jennifer1@hotmail.com)
Sun Apr 1 10:52:43 2007

I am new to the form, but have read so many of all your stories. Mine is so similiar... I wasn't able to get pregnant. So, my doctors started all the tests, the next thing you know I was on meds to stimulate my ovaries. Then I had a hystosalpinogram and found my fallopian tubes were completely blocked by Endo. After 4 surgeries for endo and ovarian cysts, I ended up with a hysterectomy. The hopes (and promises) that my pain would go away. Then - I found out I had an Ovarian remnent (adhesions all over my abdomin)- I had been in so much pain (but thought i must be crazy---) Now I just had another surgery, this time my bladder and intestines were adhered to each other and to my abd. wall. Now two months after that surgery, here I am in pain again and so sick i can barely eat, or move. I just don't know what to do... how do any of you keep going on??? I don't know how I will keep my job... I am so sick of all of the pain - I would do anything to stop it!!!

Thanks for "listening" ...


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