Re: 7 Surgeries and no relief

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Thu Apr 5 08:30:45 2007


The answer to "how" is one day at a time. I'm so sorry to hear that you are

a member of our little "club" no one wants to belong to. The worst thing is, adhesions are going to happen regardless of the type of surgery (scope or full lap) and the massive adhesions that your surgeon takes hours to scrape out and carefully lay seprafilm or whatever to keep from sticking all

of your organs together can return within hours of your surgery. They can get very dense very quickly - and I believe (from personal experience - not scientific study) that they continue to grow over the years if you are an active person (as I was in the good old days when I could take the pain and was a Tae Kwon Do student one away from getting my black belt as well as a competitive volleyball player).

All I can say is good luck to you and hang in there. Try to find a pain management clinic - your primary care Dr. won't be comfortable prescribing you long-term pain meds and probably would get in trouble with the FDA if he/she did. Pain Management will get you help physically, mentally, emotionally long as you find a good one.

Hang in there! DT

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> Subject: 7 Surgeries and no relief
> I am new to the form, but have read so many of all your stories. Mine
> is so similiar... I wasn't able to get pregnant. So, my doctors
> started all the tests, the next thing you know I was on meds to
> stimulate my ovaries. Then I had a hystosalpinogram and found my
> fallopian tubes were completely blocked by Endo. After 4 surgeries for
> endo and ovarian cysts, I ended up with a hysterectomy. The hopes (and
> promises) that my pain would go away. Then - I found out I had an
> Ovarian remnent (adhesions all over my abdomin)- I had been in so much
> pain (but thought i must be crazy---) Now I just had another surgery,
> this time my bladder and intestines were adhered to each other and to my
> abd. wall. Now two months after that surgery, here I am in pain again
> and so sick i can barely eat, or move. I just don't know what to do...
> how do any of you keep going on??? I don't know how I will keep my
> job... I am so sick of all of the pain - I would do anything to stop
> it!!!
> Thanks for "listening" ...
> Jenny

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