Request for doctor in Oklahoma

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Great I will keep you in my prayers

  Rebecca Mitchell,  

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i kinda of had to giggle when i read adheres to anything it pleases.  I have that same problem now but im hoping that #7 is the last one for a while. Yea mine are up around the bowel and abdominal wall and two surgerons have failed to get the uterus out one spent 3.5 hours before he decided he couldn't do it *ShrugS* we'll see what happens in the future lol but the surgerons ive had so far have blacklisted me they won't do it again unless they really totally have too lol. Id rather them not personal if it makes them that nervous. I'll defintly look into the pt programs here and see if theres one that does that type it sounds pretty cool and who wouldn't like to spend time in a pool. so far im able to work still and i go to the gym when i can it helps to keep the muscles stretched out and flexed it hurtsthe first couple tiems after surgery but in the long run it pays off 10fold.

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> Hi Sam,
> After surgery #32 I eventually had to stop working.
> I am 38 and on Medical
> Disability through my employer. I do work from home
> with photography and
> printing, but only when my pain allows me. Still in
> a lot of pain most
> times. I to do not like taking pain meds but
> sometimes it is unavoidable. I
> don't no of any programs in OK, but you may want to
> check into a physical
> therapy via water exercise in an heated pool. The
> water does not make you
> work out like normal PT. The water does most of the
> work for you, while the
> nerves and muscles are relaxed by the heated pool. I
> was referred by a Pain
> Management doctor, who to me was heaven sent. Some
> Health clubs have what's
> called a medical membership and some insurances
> cover it.  Also, for meds
> try Xanaflex it's a muscle relaxer but it sometimes
> helps my pain (makes you
> sleepy so I only take it at night).
> I had a total Hysterectomy at 24 which was due to
> chronic endometriosis and
> adhesions all at the same time, now the adhesions
> adhear to my bowel,
> bladder, pelvic side wall, urether and anything else
> it pleases. I know it
> difficult for you but hang in there. I hope this
> info helps.
> Rebecca

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