Re: Mesenteric Lympnagioma Adhesions

From: Rob (
Sat Dec 9 20:59:25 2006

At Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Mike C. wrote: Hello Mike, I was born with a duplicate bowel, have had two bowel obstructions and have recently had a hernia surgery. Which brings me to your issue. A couple of years ago, the hernia surgery was done and everything was fine. Exactly one year ago, I started to get pain at point of incision. The doctors are confused and nobody will admit (accept for my pain management doctor) that it is being caused by adhesions. His theory is that the adhesions from my surgery is pushing or trapping a nerve in that area. Nothing can be done. The only alternative is a device that would be plugged into your spine and give you stimuli upon pressing a button. I don't know about you, but I am 38, otherwise healthy, and not willing to put something near my spine to shoot electric shocks into my body. Anyway, I am on a nerve blocking agent Neurotrypline (Sp).

>Hello all. It is nice to see there is a group who is trying to work
>through painful times like me. I thought I was the only one.
>Here is my issue.
>I had a mesenteric cyst removed fronm the left side of my stomach cavity
>a year ago and after strenous physical activity for a month beginning 6
>mos ago I began to have sever chronic pain at the site of the removal.
>When I had the surgery the surgeon found the cyst wrapped around large
>and small intestine (the cyst was roughly 2 lbs.) and unwrapped it
>without resecting.
>My doctor, surgeon, GI and other specialists have claimed it is
>aggrivated surigiacal adhesions from the trauma of the surgery. My
>surgeon has indicated he will not operate again because of the severity
>of what he believes would be the number and severity of the adhesions.
>My question to everyone. What in the worl I am I in for the rest of my
>life. I am in very bad pain 80% of the time, can basically do no
>physical activity and am developing constipation and bloating problems
>which are getting worse as the days go by.
>My primary dictor has suggested a nerve block as there could be nerve
>damage asociate with the adhesions
>Any thoughts, suggestios, advice would be greatly appreciated.

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