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From: Juanita Newberry (
Sat Dec 9 21:00:03 2006

At Mon, 4 Dec 2006, LYNDA wrote: >
>Please would you tell us about COLD LASER,
>Thank you.

Cold Laser is new to the U.S. it is non invasive, it reminds me of a Ultra Sound. They run or rub the laser over your stomach or area to be treated. I had a treatment on 10-09-06 and about 20 minutes after the treatment I was and have been PAIN FREE since. I took 3 treatment in all. .I will be glad to tell anyone that emails me the place that I went to get treatment. I have letters from other people that has been treated also and I know it works. Below is one email from a Lady that was treated earlier this month. I did not disclose her name..I have not asked her if I can. My email is I will help anyone that is in pain...Been there and I know how it feels. The Dr. had prescribed 180 methadone pills a month and morphine as needed per day. I am now off all of the pain meds..and pain free Nita

I am 45 years old and I just want to share the news of how laser treatment can change your life. At 21 years old I had a tubule in May and then in Sept the same year had to have a hysterectomy. The following July I had to have my ovaries removed. For the last 10 years I have had problems with scar tissue. I have been to 3 Drs. and been through numerous test. This year I went through a Ct Scan and a Colon Test and was scheduled for a Surgery in Nov. 20. Thank God I talked with my sister-in-laws Mother on the 12th of November 2006 at a lunch. She then told me about her Sister and that she had a laser treatment for scar tissue so she called and I spoke to Nita Newberry. She told me all about the Laser Pain Treatment and what it had done for her. So My husband and I decided that I would at least call and talk to them about this. I called on Monday and left on Wednesday and had my first treatment at 4:00pm that day. In less than an hour after my first treatment I could already tell the difference. I went back on Thursday and did a 30 minute treatment and went back Friday Morning and did the Final treatment of 30 minutes. Today is November 30.2006 and as of today I have had no pain. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone that has scar adhesions THANK YOU NITA

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